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About the EPA CEE

EPA CEE is a community of companies in the payments industry operating in Central and Eastern Europe. These companies are from across the payments value chain, from Banks, Retailers, PSPs, Payment Schemes and more.

The EPA CEE is led by an Advisory Board of thought-leading CEOs. Some of these CEOs may lead established organisations, others may lead new Fintech start-ups. What they share is a belief in the power of collaboration and learning to transform and energise an industry. And a belief in the potential for payments technology to drive improvement in social and economic well-being across CEE.

EPA CEE’s purpose is to grow a thriving local community in payments. EPA CEE’s goals are to promote the commercial success of its members while stimulating the growth of the payments industry in CEE. The vision of EPA CEE is that through collaboration, learning and influence, payments can help make CEE a better place to live for all its citizens

Partner Conference

xCEEd 2017 was unique 3-day event with the optimum mix of keynote sessions from the UK’s leading banks, insights from regulators, interactive panels and live demonstrations from the UK’s hottest FinTech Start-Ups.

xCEEd 2017 covered a range of topics from UX, AI and Blockchain and offered innovation from the latest and very best of the UK’s FinTech sector.

The size and mix of the event provided the very best opportunity to learn and deliver real change, connect with colleagues and gain first hand insight from seasoned digital innovators.

Introduction to the EPA CEE

“If you’re passionate about payments, this is where you belong. My vision, forged from a decade working with some of the most amazing people in business, is that belonging to the EPA gives us a chance to contribute to the world around us. To influence who adopts emerging payments products and services. And to help improve lives everywhere”

Tony CraddockDirector General - EPA

“No brochure can replace a conversation with a member about what it means to belong to the EPA. Every experience is unique. For me-as a member of the EPA-it brought incredible business wins. For others, solving problems or securing investment. For all it means developing friendships and partnerships, and I am very excited to be part of this project.”

Pavle LjujićFounder - EPA CEE

“The EPA CEE Advisory Board and I are excited about creating a hub for innovation and prosperity in CEE, and becoming part of a global network of local communities in payments. I hope this is the start of a relationship that makes payments improve lives in the CEE and everywhere in the world. So, have a look at what we have to offer. Speak with the members of our principal association. And if you want to get on board, we’d love to hear from you.”

Dušan SikimićDirector - EPA CEE

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